How to Back Up & Restore Data From Windows Shadow Copy?

The Windows Shadow Copy data recovery service Tampa FL feature was seen first in Windows XP SP2. This is the automated backup of all data which is stored on hard drive.

The Windows Shadow Copy was hard to configure at first. Subsequently, Windows 7 introduced a feature called Previous Versions. This feature makes use of Windows Shadow Copy for restoring previous versions of files. 

Backup and Restore Data 

Though Windows 8 has made it really difficult to restore or backup data with the aid of Windows Shadow Copy feature, Z-VSS copy has made it much easier. Z-VSS copy is a free software which makes use of Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service APIs. 

When program starts to run, settings tab will be opened by default. Here, you can view allstatistics individually for every drive for the Volume Shadow Service.It is possible to configure prerequisite space that should be reserved by VSS. 

The Service tab will confer the status of services which are required for the operation by Windows Shadow Copy. You can go for starting, stopping, installing and uninstalling services. The services prerequisite are: 

Volume Shadow Copy Service, The Z VSSCopy service, and Microsoft software Shadow Copy Provider. 

The primary action happens in the Shadow Copies tab. The Shadow Copy will be useful for the creation of backup, restoring The backup files, deletion of backups for saving space, mounting the Shadow Copy backup or creating a system restore point. 

For restoring files from backup, you should choose it from the list after which you should be pressing The Show button. This will lead to an opening of snapshot explorer where You will be able to find The files and folders.

Browse through files of folder tree on left whereas, in right, you should be right clicking The files for restoring. Select Export File option now. This will lead to an opening of properties for that specific file. You should be pressing “Export button” for saving the file to a specific location.