How to Develop Good Data Storage Back-up Habits

In a world where we heavily rely on Information Technology, no company can guarantee a loss of important data on your computer system will not occur despite most companies having Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) systems in place. Companies need to ensure that data will be recovered completely and quickly. The consequences of data loss can be severe. In companies where systems are up and running 24/7, uptime is of utmost importance. If we have the right back recovery system in place, we can safeguard our important data from not only getting lost but also recover it from a failed system quickly.

Some precautionary methods for safeguarding your data are:

Maintain Backup: Automated Backup systems can yield great results. Always maintain a backup of all your data. Maintaining a backup of your data means that you save a copy of the data onto another drive and after doing so, make sure that the integrity of backed up data is verified. Try saving all the important data on external hard disks, that way if the system crashes, you can recover information from the external hard disk.

Maintain Good Computer Habits: If you do not intend to use the system for a long period, make it a point to turn it off rather than keeping it on standby or hibernate mode. Also, avoid using jump drives (USB stick drives) that carry a risk of viruses.

Use antivirus: This will protect your system from computer viruses like Trojan and others to ensure maximum security.

Keep Favourable Climactic Conditions: Data loss doesn’t always happen due to software malfunctions. Hardware malfunctions can lead to data losses as well. Please ensure that the environment maintains a temperature of about 68F and is kept dust free.

Safeguard your Computer/Laptop/Notebook: Avoid sharing your computer with unknown networks. The files and data on your system can be prone to theft and data manipulation. Be on guard and avoid unnecessary connections with outside networks.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: If your UPS has stopped working properly and you are neglecting it, you are increasing the risks of data loss. Sudden loss of electricity will prevent important saving documents and also lead to damaging hardware components. Uninterrupted use of UPS is imperative.

There are many companies in Data Recovery that retrieve all important data including files, folders, and applications in tough situations. Many companies offer reliable services wherein they retrieve lost or deleted files on the hard drive or any other media storage