How To Master Productivity In Only Ten Days

Business and entrepreneurship are areas where most people are needed to utilize their time and at the same time ensure that their productivity is high. Productivity can be defined as the total value got from the output employed to perform a particular job over the input derived from that job. So productivity involves utilizing your time and also the resources around you to achieve good results.

How can you master productivity in just ten days?

  • Be disciplined.

Discipline applies in all areas of life, and this includes in your work and business as well. Research shows that people who employ discipline in every aspect of their lives are self-aware and they know how to run their lives. This is because they fully understand their weaknesses and strengthens. Therefore, the first step you need to do is set goals that you want to achieve within the two weeks. Make sure to list down the things that you should do to achieve these goals, and also make sure to adhere to the written rules. This helps you to focus, utilize your time well and also meet your goals. There are many technologies that you can use to further improve your technology. You want to leverage the technology that is available to you. Trash the old phone and switch to a VoIP system , also consider upgrading your old PC and please… make sure you at least have 8GB of RAM as well as a SSD drive for better performance.

  • Have a 10 day plan.

We plan to succeed, and this means that if you don’t have a plan in your life, then you are bound to fail. The program can be for a day, a week or even for the ten days that you wish to achieve productivity in whatever you are doing. So, make a plan of how and what you want to do. This involves the time you will be waking up, and also what you are expected to do the entire day. Planning is even better since it helps you be prepared and have enough time to put your plans to good practice. Note that the programs that you are making are realistic and attainable as well.

  • Have a positive attitude.

Your mindset goes hand in hand with your goals and plans. Even if your intentions are easy to achieve and your projects are easy to follow, the bottom question is; do you believe in yourself? So, aside from making plans, have a positive attitude that you will achieve your goals in the end. Avoid anything that may bring you negative energy, and this includes people around you. Set your mind to achieving whatever goals you have set for the ten days and rest assured that you will reach them in the end.

  • Know when to start and stop.

Although working extra hard is right for your goal achievement, you also need to understand that your body is not a robot and it tends to get fatigued as well. If you feel that your body or your mind cannot take it anymore, take a break. Overworking your body results in frustrations which may hinder you from achieving your goals at the end.


If you want to increase your productivity level, use the above tips to guide you on what to do to achieve your goal. It is essential that you consult other people around you to help you come up with a good plan based on your kind of business or work.

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