Important Facts About Analysis of Digital Forensic And Investigation

The use of the internet has made life Digital Forensic better because you can access a lot of information and do so many things from anywhere in the world. It has contributed to globalization. However, the internet has also brought about cyber crime in computer networks.

 This includes hacking, website defacement, malicious code and many more. When this happens, the need to carry out analysis of digital forensic and investigation becomes necessary.

The process of analysis begins by examining the collected evidence from computer storage devices such as hard disk, CD, DVD and many more. Forensic experts will try as much as possible to get clues which will provide proof for a crime that was committed.

 The main forensic tools that are used in the investigation include commercial and open source. Choice depends on the forensic examiner himself. The most important thing is to ensure that they are able to acquire the required information for later processing in the laboratory.

Forensic experts use sophisticated technology to extract information from internal memory of mobile devices as well as the SIM card. This is then followed by carrying out a thorough analysis of gathered information and determining if it can be used as evidence.

In their analysis, forensic experts look for any alterations in the collected data. In case there is, they try to come up with ways of isolating it so that it does not interfere with the overall investigation process. They emphasize on accuracy of data for the best results. 

Digital investigation is a complicated procedure which involves the use of various methods to extract information. The method used depends on the complexity of crime committed. The most popular method which is normally used in most of the investigations is manual extraction.

 When the situation appears more difficult, the use of an electron microscope is employed through a process called micro read. 

By carrying out analysis, forensic experts are able to know how far the system was hacked and the extent of damage. This helps to assess loss resulting from damages so that one can be compensated accordingly in a court of law. 

Analysis also helps forensic examiners to classify their investigation depending on what was affected. For instance the computer, network system, software, database, mobile device e.t.c.

In conclusion, analysis of digital forensic and investigation is very important because it helps to interpret the data collected so that experts can come up with a fact based conclusion on what precisely transpired.