Top 5 Video Games in 2018

There are numerous video games released in 2018 but the following are the top 5 video games in 2018 after considering their features and reviews online:

  1. God of War (PS4)

With his vengeance against the gods of Olympus, Kratos lives in the land of monsters and Norse Gods as a man. He is supposed to learn how to live in this harsh world and teach his son to survive too. Therefore, he has to be a protector and a mentor. While living in this harsh world, Kratos starts to learn how to master his rage which has affected him for years. He is willing to make amends to give his son a better life. God of War is set within untamed forests, mountains and the realms of Norse lore. It features unique creatures, monsters and gods.

  1. Celeste (XONE)

The main objective here is to help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountains. This video game is developed by the platformer who created Towerfall. It is supertight, entertaining and has challenging tasks.

  1. Inside (Switch)

Although the game is short, the journey is worth it. Inside the video game has breathtaking art, its unique and fun. You will have to think about some puzzles and enemy encounters to have a successful solution although there is an alternative to escaping. The video game is about a boy who ends up in a dark project after being hunted and he is all alone.

  1. Bayonetta 2(Switch)

Bayonetta 2 is mainly an action video game with amazing set pieces and a crazy story. The main highlight of the game is combat that aims at letting the player figure out the best way to tackle a fight. As an update of Bayonetta 1, it has extra modes which make the game one of the best in 2018.

  1. Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

The game is about the tales of an ancient realm where colossi roam the royal landscape. These creatures are bound to the earth and they hold a key to mystical powers of revival. You must obtain this power if you would like to bring a loved one back to life!

As technology is improving, video game developers are getting new ideas when developing games. In fact, there are numerous video games which are released in 2018 alone. If you are looking to play any of the games, I would suggest you research for a while, buy the game you prefer and have fun as you play.

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