How to Back Up & Restore Data From Windows Shadow Copy?

The Windows Shadow Copy data recovery service Tampa FL feature was seen first in Windows XP SP2. This is the automated backup of all data which is stored on hard drive.

The Windows Shadow Copy was hard to configure at first. Subsequently, Windows 7 introduced a feature called Previous Versions. This feature makes use of Windows Shadow Copy for restoring previous versions of files. 

Backup and Restore Data 

Though Windows 8 has made it really difficult to restore or backup data with the aid of Windows Shadow Copy feature, Z-VSS copy has made it much easier. Z-VSS copy is a free software which makes use of Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service APIs. 

When program starts to run, settings tab will be opened by default. Here, you can view allstatistics individually for every drive for the Volume Shadow Service.It is possible to configure prerequisite space that should be reserved by VSS. 

The Service tab will confer the status of services which are required for the operation by Windows Shadow Copy. You can go for starting, stopping, installing and uninstalling services. The services prerequisite are: 

Volume Shadow Copy Service, The Z VSSCopy service, and Microsoft software Shadow Copy Provider. 

The primary action happens in the Shadow Copies tab. The Shadow Copy will be useful for the creation of backup, restoring The backup files, deletion of backups for saving space, mounting the Shadow Copy backup or creating a system restore point. 

For restoring files from backup, you should choose it from the list after which you should be pressing The Show button. This will lead to an opening of snapshot explorer where You will be able to find The files and folders.

Browse through files of folder tree on left whereas, in right, you should be right clicking The files for restoring. Select Export File option now. This will lead to an opening of properties for that specific file. You should be pressing “Export button” for saving the file to a specific location.

Choose the Best Computer Hardware Components

With the vast amount of computers available Raleigh data recovery expert in homes and business offices today, manufacturers all over the U.S. and abroad are designing their computers to meet a wide diversity of needs.

Since each user has their own special tasks to perform, some computers are designed for performing simple basic office tasks.

  • while others are built to handle complex operations for an entire staff.
  • Regardless to the type of activities performed, durability plays a key role in
  • making sure a computer is reliable whenever it is really needed.

With this being said, some computers are not built by the the quality of the parts used in its construction can vary greatly. However, when an individual builds their own computer from the computer case up,

The quality of the parts can easily be controlled.

  • So, before an individual starts this type of project, there are numerous things that should be considered.
  • One of the most important is building a computer that has specific minimum requirements and more for .
  • a specific kind of role (i.e. administrative assistant, graphics designer or an accountant).
  • Also, once the builder of the computer decides what the specifications are for the new computer, it is important that.
  • they purchase the best quality hardware parts possible. 

To that end, the individual will need to do this research in advance. Because many of the parts in a computer are standard, this is one of the best places to start.

For instance, the new computer will need a computer case to install all of the parts, a motherboard to install the central processing unit, slots to install the ram, and other essential parts that’s needed for it to work properly.

Therefore, the individual will have an opportunity to shop around online or in local computer shops to see what they can find. When shopping online, the individual will need to select the right computer case for the computer hardware components.

In specific, the computer case can be a smaller size if it is being made for an administrative assistant that only does basic Microsoft Office tasks. 

On the other hand, if the individual is a software developer, they may need a much larger size case to store the parts that will be needed. It is also important to point out there is a wide variance in cost, size and quality. So, people should make sure that they are familiar with the best manufacturers of specific Computer Hardware Components are today. After the individual has picked a computer case, they will need to pick other parts too and they must also be based on the size of the computer case. For instance, the individual will need a high quality motherboard that is small enough to fit in the case, but powerful enough to install the appropriate amount of ram for the user’s needs. 

Choosing quality made computer component for a new computer does not have to be difficult. However, there are numerous things that will need to consider. Therefore, people will need to do their research well in advance to find the best quality parts that will ensure the computer will be reliable for a long time. 

Important Facts About Analysis of Digital Forensic And Investigation

The use of the internet has made life Digital Forensic better because you can access a lot of information and do so many things from anywhere in the world. It has contributed to globalization. However, the internet has also brought about cyber crime in computer networks.

 This includes hacking, website defacement, malicious code and many more. When this happens, the need to carry out analysis of digital forensic and investigation becomes necessary.

The process of analysis begins by examining the collected evidence from computer storage devices such as hard disk, CD, DVD and many more. Forensic experts will try as much as possible to get clues which will provide proof for a crime that was committed.

 The main forensic tools that are used in the investigation include commercial and open source. Choice depends on the forensic examiner himself. The most important thing is to ensure that they are able to acquire the required information for later processing in the laboratory.

Forensic experts use sophisticated technology to extract information from internal memory of mobile devices as well as the SIM card. This is then followed by carrying out a thorough analysis of gathered information and determining if it can be used as evidence.

In their analysis, forensic experts look for any alterations in the collected data. In case there is, they try to come up with ways of isolating it so that it does not interfere with the overall investigation process. They emphasize on accuracy of data for the best results. 

Digital investigation is a complicated procedure which involves the use of various methods to extract information. The method used depends on the complexity of crime committed. The most popular method which is normally used in most of the investigations is manual extraction.

 When the situation appears more difficult, the use of an electron microscope is employed through a process called micro read. 

By carrying out analysis, forensic experts are able to know how far the system was hacked and the extent of damage. This helps to assess loss resulting from damages so that one can be compensated accordingly in a court of law. 

Analysis also helps forensic examiners to classify their investigation depending on what was affected. For instance the computer, network system, software, database, mobile device e.t.c.

In conclusion, analysis of digital forensic and investigation is very important because it helps to interpret the data collected so that experts can come up with a fact based conclusion on what precisely transpired. 

Best Free Tools That Will Help You in Digital Forensic Investigation

It’s hard to perform a digital forensics investigation if money is tight. But, never fear, there are a large variety of free digital forensic tools available that you can use to get to the bottom of things. 

Interested in learning more about the best free tools that will help you in digital forensic investigation? The following list of tools will help you perform forensic image exploration, hard drive forensic analysis memory forensic analysis, forensic imaging, and mobile forensics. While this list is by no means extensive, and may not have everything that you need to complete your Digital Forensic Investigation, there are a couple of gems on this list that are sure to make you happy. 


This Linux-based Live CD bundles some of the most popular open source computer forensics tools for cyber intelligence, incident response, and computer forensics. It also features tools for network forensics, mobile forensics, and data recovery. 

Bulk Extractor

This tool gives you the ability to scan your directory of files, or disk images so you can extract information like domains, credit card number, email addresses, zip files, and URLs. The extracted information is then placed in a series of text files that can be reviewed manually or analyzed with other forensics tools. 

Free Hex Editor Neo

This basic hex editor was created to deal with very big files. Although many of its additional features are found in the commercial version, this tool is still useful for performing Facebook actions like low-level file editing, manual data carving, searching for hidden data, or information gathering. 

Linux ‘dd’

This tool comes standard with a large number of Linux distributions that are on the market today like Fedora and Ubuntu. It can be used for a variety of different tasks like zeroing out of the drive and creating a raw image of it. 

FTK Imager

This data preview and imaging tool gives you the ability to analyze files and folders on network drives, local hard drives, CDs/DVD,s as well as review the content of memory dump or forensic images. You can also use FTK Imager to review and recover files deleted from recycle bin and much more. 

The Sleuth Kit (+Autopsy)

This open source digital forensic toolkit can be used to perform comprehensive analysis on various file systems. Autopsy is basically a GUI that sits on top of the sleuth kit and comes with features like hash filtering, timeline analysis, file system analysis, and more. It also gives you the ability to add other modules for more functionality. 


This memory forensic framework for malware analysis and incident response gives you the ability to extract digital artifacts from volatile memory dumps. You can use it to extract information about open networks and network connections, running processes, process IDs, cashed registry hives, and much more. 

ProDiscover Basic

This lightweight digital forensic investigation tool gives you the ability to image, examine, and report on evidence found on a specific drive. It also features a Search mode that gives you the ability to look for data based on criteria that you specify. 

The Best Memory Cards for Drones in 2019

When looking for the best memory cards for a drone, there are a few factors to consider. Even though many rely on a memory card mostly to expand the storage of the drone, there is more than that. With a good memory card, the performance of the drone also improves. Thus, you can effectively transfer data from your drone at high speed. Factors such as quality, speed and size are the primary aspects for achieving the best memory cards. However, speed outweighs all the other factors. With speed the cards write speed is enhanced, hence saving you time to transfer data. Some of the best memory cards to advocate for drones in 2018 include;

SanDisk 400GB Ultra Plus Micro SD Card

It is endowed with a transfer speed of 100MB/s, hence making it possible for you to transfer over 1,200 photos in a minute. The micro SD card holds a 400GB storage, which is ample to store large files. With the memory card, you do not have to worry about what files to delete to create space. It is a class 10 due to its HD video recording and replays ability. It is the best for a lively adventure.

SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO Micro SDXC UHS-II Card

It has passed the test of quality and is ranked among the best in quality and standard. You can rely on the card to deliver exceptionally high-quality 4K UHD video files. Its transfer speed is 275MB/s, making it ideal for offloading 4K UHD videos from the drone. Additionally, it is adorned with a 3.0 reader that enhances a successful transfer of files.

Kingston 128GB Canvas React Micro SD Card

How to Develop Good Data Storage Back-up Habits

In a world where we heavily rely on Information Technology, no company can guarantee a loss of important data on your computer system will not occur despite most companies having Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) systems in place. Companies need to ensure that data will be recovered completely and quickly. The consequences of data loss can be severe. In companies where systems are up and running 24/7, uptime is of utmost importance. If we have the right back recovery system in place, we can safeguard our important data from not only getting lost but also recover it from a failed system quickly.

Some precautionary methods for safeguarding your data are:

Maintain Backup: Automated Backup systems can yield great results. Always maintain a backup of all your data. Maintaining a backup of your data means that you save a copy of the data onto another drive and after doing so, make sure that the integrity of backed up data is verified. Try saving all the important data on external hard disks, that way if the system crashes, you can recover information from the external hard disk.

Maintain Good Computer Habits: If you do not intend to use the system for a long period, make it a point to turn it off rather than keeping it on standby or hibernate mode. Also, avoid using jump drives (USB stick drives) that carry a risk of viruses.

Use antivirus: This will protect your system from computer viruses like Trojan and others to ensure maximum security.

Keep Favourable Climactic Conditions: Data loss doesn’t always happen due to software malfunctions. Hardware malfunctions can lead to data losses as well. Please ensure that the environment maintains a temperature of about 68F and is kept dust free.

Safeguard your Computer/Laptop/Notebook: Avoid sharing your computer with unknown networks. The files and data on your system can be prone to theft and data manipulation. Be on guard and avoid unnecessary connections with outside networks.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: If your UPS has stopped working properly and you are neglecting it, you are increasing the risks of data loss. Sudden loss of electricity will prevent important saving documents and also lead to damaging hardware components. Uninterrupted use of UPS is imperative.

There are many companies in Data Recovery that retrieve all important data including files, folders, and applications in tough situations. Many companies offer reliable services wherein they retrieve lost or deleted files on the hard drive or any other media storage

Top 5 Video Games in 2018

There are numerous video games released in 2018 but the following are the top 5 video games in 2018 after considering their features and reviews online:

  1. God of War (PS4)

With his vengeance against the gods of Olympus, Kratos lives in the land of monsters and Norse Gods as a man. He is supposed to learn how to live in this harsh world and teach his son to survive too. Therefore, he has to be a protector and a mentor. While living in this harsh world, Kratos starts to learn how to master his rage which has affected him for years. He is willing to make amends to give his son a better life. God of War is set within untamed forests, mountains and the realms of Norse lore. It features unique creatures, monsters and gods.

  1. Celeste (XONE)

The main objective here is to help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountains. This video game is developed by the platformer who created Towerfall. It is supertight, entertaining and has challenging tasks.

  1. Inside (Switch)

Although the game is short, the journey is worth it. Inside the video game has breathtaking art, its unique and fun. You will have to think about some puzzles and enemy encounters to have a successful solution although there is an alternative to escaping. The video game is about a boy who ends up in a dark project after being hunted and he is all alone.

  1. Bayonetta 2(Switch)

Bayonetta 2 is mainly an action video game with amazing set pieces and a crazy story. The main highlight of the game is combat that aims at letting the player figure out the best way to tackle a fight. As an update of Bayonetta 1, it has extra modes which make the game one of the best in 2018.

  1. Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)

The game is about the tales of an ancient realm where colossi roam the royal landscape. These creatures are bound to the earth and they hold a key to mystical powers of revival. You must obtain this power if you would like to bring a loved one back to life!

As technology is improving, video game developers are getting new ideas when developing games. In fact, there are numerous video games which are released in 2018 alone. If you are looking to play any of the games, I would suggest you research for a while, buy the game you prefer and have fun as you play.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with CRM

Having a good CRM system is a major key to attaining maximum profits. Reaching this goal is a dream come true for many business organizations. After all, why start a business that gets you no profits? Whether your business is small or big a CRM system is required if you want to succeed in today’s tough competition.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with CRM

Efficient customer service

A CRM system ensures that customer needs are evaluated well to ensure quality delivery of services and improves productivity. The history of customers is important to secure the records. This is to monitor your customers to get to know them better. Once you get to understand your customers, it becomes easy to associate with them and hence to offer them the services necessary for them. What you have to put in place is an efficient way of retrieving as well as updating those records. Using a CRM system, you are assured of the safety of records since enough security measures are put in place like the use of passwords for example.

Improved customer satisfaction

In business, you should not only look at the sales you make but also consider the feelings of the customers for your business. A CRM system makes customers feel important by making them feel like they are part of the business. That way the customers will repeatedly access your services and also have other customers try the services as well. This is a double benefit. You retain your customers and at the same time attract new ones.

Better marketing efforts

How does a CRM system improve the marketing efforts? As mentioned above, with CRM system customer records are put in place. These records enable a business to know customer needs, understand them, and retain. These records are analyzed well, and customers can be grouped according to certain shared interests. You can, therefore, market products to these target groups based on their preferences. This way marketing becomes such an easy task where you can be assured of sales.

Standard data sharing

A CRM system targets proper data sharing knowing that unity is the strength needed for a business to succeed. This is regarding an efficient way of communicating within a company. In case of a problem, solving it can be a piece of work since it is solved in unity. To achieve this effective communication, CRM system data is situated in a centralized spot for convenient accessibility. This centralization comes in handy when a staff member, for instance, has an emergency and cannot come to work. Information about this member’s customers can be accessed at this location, and the business continues without any interruptions.

What you really need to know about SSD’s

Adding SSD to your PC is among the best of upgrades you can perform for your computer. This drive is able to speed up the computer in such a way you cannot imagine. Just like any other technology, there are things to keep in mind about the SSD.

Some of the things you should know include:

What really is SSD and how different is it?


Solid-state storage is a form of storage of data for computers which generally offers the same functionality just like the traditional HDD. The difference between the two comes in the way they operate. HDDs store data on the metal platters spinning round and when a command is sent for data access, the head of the drive moves to the position of the data and provides it as needed. Writing of data to same HDD function similarly with reading data.

For SSDs it’s quite different as they make no movement. Data is stored in blocks and a command or data access sends an okay of the data immediately. The reading and writing process for SSDs is more efficient and direct. The biggest advantage of SSDs over the HDDs is the speed of reading and writing data hence if looking for a faster way of running the computer this makes the best of an upgrade to go for.

Ways through which SSD speed up computer speed

  • Boot times are reduced significantly.
  • Launching applications happen like instantly.
  • Opening and saving documents no longer lags. The speeds of file duplication and copying increasing immensely.
  • The system generally feels faster.

However, there are some disadvantages tied to SSDs. Such include:

Unlike HDDs, they hold not as many amounts of data compared to price. For instance, $100 could be the price for 2TB HDD but 120GB SSD. For SSDs, they are quite expensive whereby you pay a lot for not as much space as HDD. But cloud computing is here and also streaming so with the SSD, space provides is very enough.

You can coexist the HDD and SSD in the same computer. Therefore, you can enjoy SSD sped benefits while not sacrificing storage space

How to choose best SSD

There are some qualities to keep into consideration when choosing SSDs. Such include:

  • High maximum speeds

The maximum speeds for reading data are 400mb/second and for writing data its 300mb/second. Ensure you go for SSD meeting this but slightly lower of the values is advised too

  • Real-world speeds which are good

Manufacturers of SSD won’t generally offer real-world write and read speeds as they tend to be slower. But most reviews provided online have the test of the SSDs. Therefore, be keen with this and choose ones with a good of the real0-world speeds.

  • SATA 111 Support

Many of SSDs make use of SATA although not all of the versions. This can make the SSD performance limited since SATA 1 transfers data at a speed approximately 1.5gb/s, SATA 111 3gb/s and SATA 11 6gb/s. for fast data transfer, the SSD should be SATA 111 compatible. The computer you are using should too be compatible.


How To Master Productivity In Only Ten Days

Business and entrepreneurship are areas where most people are needed to utilize their time and at the same time ensure that their productivity is high. Productivity can be defined as the total value got from the output employed to perform a particular job over the input derived from that job. So productivity involves utilizing your time and also the resources around you to achieve good results.

How can you master productivity in just ten days?

  • Be disciplined.

Discipline applies in all areas of life, and this includes in your work and business as well. Research shows that people who employ discipline in every aspect of their lives are self-aware and they know how to run their lives. This is because they fully understand their weaknesses and strengthens. Therefore, the first step you need to do is set goals that you want to achieve within the two weeks. Make sure to list down the things that you should do to achieve these goals, and also make sure to adhere to the written rules. This helps you to focus, utilize your time well and also meet your goals. There are many technologies that you can use to further improve your technology. You want to leverage the technology that is available to you. Trash the old phone and switch to a VoIP system , also consider upgrading your old PC and please… make sure you at least have 8GB of RAM as well as a SSD drive for better performance.

  • Have a 10 day plan.

We plan to succeed, and this means that if you don’t have a plan in your life, then you are bound to fail. The program can be for a day, a week or even for the ten days that you wish to achieve productivity in whatever you are doing. So, make a plan of how and what you want to do. This involves the time you will be waking up, and also what you are expected to do the entire day. Planning is even better since it helps you be prepared and have enough time to put your plans to good practice. Note that the programs that you are making are realistic and attainable as well.

  • Have a positive attitude.

Your mindset goes hand in hand with your goals and plans. Even if your intentions are easy to achieve and your projects are easy to follow, the bottom question is; do you believe in yourself? So, aside from making plans, have a positive attitude that you will achieve your goals in the end. Avoid anything that may bring you negative energy, and this includes people around you. Set your mind to achieving whatever goals you have set for the ten days and rest assured that you will reach them in the end.

  • Know when to start and stop.

Although working extra hard is right for your goal achievement, you also need to understand that your body is not a robot and it tends to get fatigued as well. If you feel that your body or your mind cannot take it anymore, take a break. Overworking your body results in frustrations which may hinder you from achieving your goals at the end.


If you want to increase your productivity level, use the above tips to guide you on what to do to achieve your goal. It is essential that you consult other people around you to help you come up with a good plan based on your kind of business or work.